ONE-STEP UP: Building Skills and Competences of Marginalised Adults

Welcome to the ONE-STEP UP project. What is the ONE-STEP UP project? The ONE-STEP UP project is an innovative project that aims to support Europe’s low-skilled adult learners to re-engage in education and training, by using micro-learning approaches to make adult education accessible and flexible, to encourage their participation

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In today’s ever-changing job market, where even traditional occupations demand new skills, having a favourable attitude towards education and training is crucial. A significant number of adults are at risk of social exclusion due to their lack of participation in lifelong learning. This group is often distant from educational opportunities and less likely to utilise available courses and support. The ONE-STEP UP project recognises that reintegrating this cohort of society into lifelong learning is vital for achieving greater social inclusion.

The ONE-STEP UP project proposes an Educator’s Toolbox comprising 24 micro-learning resources, Professional Development Training for Adult Educators, a MOOC platform, and a Policy and Practice Recommendations Report. These resources aim to support adult educators and low-skilled adults to build their competencies to support societal reintegration.

Throughout the course of the ONE-STEP UP project, project partners from Lithuania, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Cyprus, France, Ireland, Poland, and Portugal are working with front-line adult educators and low-skilled adults to provide them with the necessary knowledge and skills to participate in the labour market and improve their economic and social well-being. It can also contribute to reducing social exclusion, increasing social mobility, and enhancing their quality of life. By investing in the education and training of low-skilled adults, societies can benefit from a more skilled workforce, increased productivity, and higher economic growth. Additionally, it can help to address inequalities and promote social cohesion.

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Learning Materials

Educators’ Toolbox of Micro-Learning Resources

A suite of micro-learning resources to develop the key competences of low-skilled adults. These digital resources support skill acquisition through the EU’s Key Competence for Lifelong Learning framework. This innovative learning approach works to engage NEETs to build their confidence and key competences through the media-rich learning materials.

Adult Educators’ Handbook

The Adult Educators’ Handbook supports adult educators to plan and host Adult Learning Festivals, using the developed micro-learning resources with low-skilled adults.

Professional Development Training for Front-line Adult Educators:

A bespoke In-Service Training Programme tailored to adult educators with a specific emphasis on non-traditional inquiry-based and embedded-learning approaches, capitalising on the ubiquity of online learning environments with marginalised adults.


An online space to provide access to all ONE-STEP UP learning materials, presented as Open Educational Resources (OERs).

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Project number –  2022-1-LT01-KA220-ADU-000085898


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